The June 7 Youth Rally is a celebration of the end of school for youth ages 14 through 18.  This is organized by the Bemidji Youth Advisory Commission.  (Note:  This graphic is limited by our menu buttons, please click on the “Calendar” tab for the full poster listing the bands.)

Evergreen Selected as the Teenwise Minnesota Outstanding Program of the Year for 2015

We are excited to share our great news. Teenwise states that “This award is given each year to a program, collaboration or agency that has made an outstanding contribution to improving the quality of life for young people around issues related to adolescent sexual health promotion, adolescent pregnancy prevention and/or adolescent parent support.” In her award notification, Teenwise Executive Director, Judith Kahn, noted that “Among the many accomplishments Evergreen is being recognized for are:

  • Being a champion for the sexual health needs of youth Beltrami County and surrounding area of northern Minnesota;
  • Working hard to meet the needs of youth within their cultural frame of reference;
  • Grounding your work in a healthy youth development frame; and
  • Ensuring that youth are always front and center of the work you do.”

Evergreen now offers 3 Evidence-based teen pregnancy and STI/STD prevention programs that are approved by the Minn. Dept. of Health.  Making Proud Choices is specifically designed for foster care youth.  Sexual Health Awareness and Risk Reduction Program (SHARP), was developed for youth in short-term residential settings.  Live It!, is a curriculum grounded in Native American teachings, which has been successfully been used with youth of many diverse backgrounds.  All 3 programs focus on safe and healthy boundaries, values clarification, and decision-making.  Contact Sam C. at 308-9015 for more information on Making Proud Choices.  Contact Corey Medina at 218-308-0288 for more information on Live It!  Contact Jeanne Strate at 751-4332 for more information on SHARP.

Evergreen staff think the Teenwise MN website has great resources for parents, aunts and uncles, teachers, and other youth professionals who are concerned about safe sexual behavior for teens.  Visit Teenwise at

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Evergreen Youth Shelter — 622 Mississippi Ave./Mississippi & 7th St. downtown (call us to plan a visit or schedule a group tour)

We provide Safety for Youth and Support for Parents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us anytime of the day or night when you’re concerned about your child…or worried about your parents – 751-4332.

Evergreen Youth Services — 610 Patriot Drive, NW.  (call us to plan a visit or schedule a group tour)

Directions: Click the sites tab above for a map.  Go one block past Anne St. as you head North on Irvine, turn left onto Justice and left onto Patriot).  The following programs are part of Evergreen Youth Services and are located at our new site:

Who We Serve

Evergreen’s Youth Shelter provides crisis shelter for youth ages 9-17 who are homeless, runaways, or experiencing personal or family crisis. On-site family coaching and support is free for area children, youth and families.  The Shelter also operates a 35-Day Evaluation Program and is home to the Bemidji Suicide Prevention Program and Bemidji Rock Sober.

Evergreen’s Youth Services site provides supportive housing, youth and family counseling, street outreach, mentoring, and independent living skills to area youth, young adults, and families.  The Bemidji Youth Advisory Commission and the Bemidji Skate and Bike Association are also part of our EYS programs.  (See program descriptions for ages served)

Evergreen’s Youth Drop-In Center serves youth, young parents, and young adults ages 14-21.  Come visit us for free services including:  daily hot meals, food bags/youth food shelf, showers, laundry room, computer and internet access, and advice and support.

Service Area

Evergreen serves the greater Bemidji area, but offers services to youth and families from 15 other counties and area reservations (services and eligibility vary depending on the program).  Don’t hesitate to call or email us with questions!

Who We Are

Evergreen Youth & Family Services is a private, non-profit youth and family service provider. In the past 35 years, Evergreen has developed a safety net of services to strengthen youth, preserve families, and help support successful transitions to adulthood. Every year, 2500 children, youth, and young families come to us for emergency food and shelter, mentoring, independent living skills training, counseling, pregnancy prevention, transitional housing and community suicide prevention. Youth and families of all backgrounds and walks of life are welcome. Approximately 60% of the youth we serve each year are Native American or mixed race, and 40% are Caucasian. The agency offers a continuum of services to keep youth safe, help them successfully transition to adulthood, and provide support to parents and caregivers.

Evergreen’s services are primarily provided through two program sites based in Bemidji, MN.

Map to New Evergreen Youth Services Site

Below is a map to 610 Patriot Drive NW, Bemidji, MN.  Please note, this is a new road and may not show-up on GPS and online mapping programs at this time.