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Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Food Challenge

What is it?

Hunger & Homelessness Food Stamp Challenge: A challenge that gives participants an opportunity to volunteer to live on a food budget for a week, equivalent to the average SNAP benefits that an adult receives for a week. The participants would then post on their social media platforms about their experiences during Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (HAHAW), November 11-18.



To bring awareness to the issues of hunger and homelessness in northern Minnesota and join in on the national campaign.



Evergreen Youth & Family Services, in collaboration with Bi-CAP, Bemidji Independent School District, Nameless Coalition for the Homeless, and Headwaters Regional Development Commission will launch the “2023 Food Challenge” to bring awareness to hunger and homelessness in northern Minnesota. We are asking everyone to join us November11-18, as we commit to walking in the shoes of someone who is experiencing hunger and housing insecurities.


How you can participate:

  • Commit to living on a food budget of only $30.72 per person for the week of November 11-18 by signing up here.

  • Post throughout the week about your experience on your social media pages (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Share your thoughts, challenges, successes, pics, videos, shopping lists, meal options, recipes, foods you gave up, etc.)

  • Use the hashtag: #hungerandhomelessness #HAHAWBemidji

  • Donate $30.72 to a local nonprofit working to end hunger and homelessness during the week.  

  • Share updates from Evergreen's social media pages throughout the week

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