Emergency Assistance

The Housing Program can offer some short-term help through our Emergency Assistance Program.

You may qualify for assistance if:

  • You are currently homeless, at-risk of being homeless, lack a regular place to stay at night, are overcrowded, or lack running water/electricity where you are staying.
  • You can show that with this short-term help you will be able to maintain your housing, job, etc.

Typically a Housing Case Manager will request several documents.  Depending upon grant funding, each situation is different so please call or talk in-person to a Housing Case Manager.  Staff may ask for:

  1. Income Information:  pay stubs, MFIP information, scholarship information 
  2. If you are seeking rental assistance:  lease information and/or permission to talk to your landlord
  3. If you are seeking car repair assistance:  3 quotes (we can help you with this if you have never done this before.)
  4. A completed Emergency Assistance Application (we can help you with this)

Contact us at 218-441-4556 if you need assistance.