Youth Housing

What is the Transitional Living Program?

  • Helps homeless youth ages 17-21 get into housing
  • Helps pay the rent and/or utilities for up to two years
  • Helps with school, work, parenting, counseling, budgeting, relationships

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Am I eligible for the program?
    • The best way to know if you would qualify for the Housing Program is to stop by and talk to Evergreen Youth & Family Services staff. They are at the Community Service Building or you can call them at 751-8223.
    • The Evergreen Youth & Family Services staff will ask you about your current living situation.
    • If you have your own room in a safe house or resources to obtain your own living space – you may not be eligible. Discuss your situation with an Evergreen Youth & Family Services housing case manager.
    • You must be 17-21 years old.
  • Do I get to pick my own place or does Evergreen Youth & Family Services have apartments for me to live in?

    You and your case manager will work to find housing that fits you best.  Your case manager will encourage you to think about things like:

    • Location:  How much will I have to spend on transportation this month?  Do I have to haul my laundry?  Does the bus come out this way?
    • Utilities:  Are the utilities included in the rent?  How much will utilities cost if they are not included in the rent?

    Evergreen has some apartments at our EYS site:  610 Patriot Drive. Evergreen also works with landlords in the community.  Case managers assist you in looking for housing and filling out applications.

  • What do you mean "once you are accepted?" What do I have to do to get accepted?

    To be accepted means:

    • we've met with you to do an interview
    • your situation met our requirements
    • you are now in the program and will be able to receive money for rent and other things
  • I have to do an interview? What do they want to know?

    We will ask questions like:

    • Have you finished your high school education?
    • What bills, fines, or other payments do you have?
    • Do you work?
    • Do you have health insurance?
    • Who supports you (friends, family, etc.)?
    • Where you have been staying for the last year?

    All of these questions are here to help us help you better and aren't there to get you into trouble or anything like that.  You can choose to say as much or as little as you want, but know that since our housing program is funded by grants, the information you give lets us know if you're eligible or not.

  • How often will you be "checking in" on me while I am in the program? Are you guys looking over my shoulder all the time?

    You are asked to be in regular contact with your Case Manager.  We want you to be safe and successful in the program and not feel spied on or anything.

  • So, that's it? All I have to do is meet with a Case Manager once a week?

    No. At the beginning of the program, you will set goals (like graduating, finding a job, etc.) with your case manager and you will have to work towards those goals throughout the program.

  • But... I'm 18 and I don't want anyone telling me what I have to do anymore.

    We don't set the goals for you, YOU get to set your own goals in these areas:

    • Obtaining Housing (finding something you can afford)
    • Employment (getting a job)
    • Education (High School, G.E.D., or getting into college)
    • Financial Management (Learning to save and budget your $)
    • Mental and Physical Health
    • Other areas you are interested in…

    Requirements: You must be enrolled in a education program if you have not completed your high school diploma/GED.

    • You must have a job working at least 30 hours a week.
    • Make steps toward developing good credit and rental history (like following your lease and paying your bills on time.)
    • Your apartment must remain alcohol, drug, and weapon free (we do apartment checks every once in awhile).
    • We also encourage clients to attend the Independent Living Skills class at Evergreen Youth & Family Services or be a part of our parenting classes if you are parenting.
    • There are always some exceptions (right after the birth of a child), so talk to Evergreen Youth & Family Services staff about your situation if you are pregnant.

    We want you to keep your place once you no longer get assistance from Evergreen Youth & Family Services and following these requirements will go a long way in helping you do just that.

  • So I have to actually work on stuff in order to get my rent check?
    • The Transitional Housing Program is not just rental assistance, because successfully keeping your housing isn't just about the money.
    • Case Managers are here for you and will help you when you have questions or don't know what to do next.
    • Some people in the Housing Program want lots of help from the Case Managers, others don't need much at all. We will assist you with as much or as little as you need.
  • Where can my apartment be in town?

    Any place that will allow you to reach your goals and help you meet the requirements of the program

    • For example: If you don't have a car, a trailer ten miles from town wouldn't work no matter how cheap it was, right?
    • You should ask these questions about living there:
      • Will I be able to meet with my case manager?
      • Can I be a reliable employee?
      • Will I be able to get to and from school?
      • How much will I have to spend on gas and other extra expenses? Can I afford these expenses?

    Ask a Case Manger for a complete list of questions to ask when looking for a place to rent.  They have some tips that could help you a lot!

  • How much assistance does the program provide?

    Evergreen Youth & Family Services will pay for your first month of rent and your deposit.

    Then there are two plans for assistance:

    • Plan One:
      • First month- 100% of rent and deposit paid by Evergreen Youth & Family Services
      • Second Month- 75% of rent paid by Evergreen Youth & Family Services
      • Third Month- 50% of rent paid by Evergreen Youth & Family Services
      • Fourth Month- 25% of rent paid by Evergreen Youth & Family Services
    • Plan Two:
      • Evergreen Youth & Family Services will subsidize your rent.  On this plan you would pay 30% of your income toward rent.
      • At the end of four to six months of assistance we will evaluate your progress in the program. If you are in need of more services you could be eligible for up to six months of further assistance.