Youth & Family Coaching (Ages 9 through 17)

Drop In Coaching

Through telephone and walk-ins, Evergreen provides free emergency individual and family coaching to assist youth and parents to deal positively with family crisis. The Evergreen Youth & Family Services Shelter also serves as a resource to local law enforcement. Law enforcement will utilize the shelter as a place to bring youth who have been picked up for curfew violations or status offenses, and whose parents are unable to pick them up or find transportation home. A maximum drop-in stay is 6 hours. Youth who are at the shelter as a drop-in will receive the same care and coaching as youth who are staying at the shelter.  Call Jeanne at 218-441-4568.

Family Coaching

Youth do not have to stay at the Evergreen shelter to receive individual or family coaching. Parents and family members struggling with raising young adolescents and teenagers can also access the family coaching offered through the shelter. A coach is available on a drop-in or scheduled appointment basis for crisis intervention, follow-up and on-going support services. If you lack transportation or can't get to the shelter, please let us know. Services are free of charge. Call Jeanne at 218-441-4568.