Short Term Shelter Program

Evergreen Youth & Family Services can provide short-term shelter for 15-60 days to those youth who need a temporary place to stay while they are awaiting a placement or case disposition.

An extension may be granted for the following reasons:

  1. Youth is awaiting a plan of action and/or placement at another facility.
  2. Youth is awaiting an evaluation/assessment.

Services Provided to STSP Youth

Youth in the short-term shelter program will not only receive the same services provided within the regular shelter program, but in addition will receive: 1. Intensive goal setting and individual counseling on specific issues identified by the youth, family and or referral source. 2. More intensive case management services to help a youth and his/her family access support from other community service providers.

Rules and Expectations of STSP Youth

All STSP youth are expected to follow the Shelter Program rules, attend school, attend group, and continue to talk with shelter counselors regarding the issues that brought them to the shelter.