Crisis Intervention (Youth Shelter)

The Evergreen Youth & Family Services Shelter provides free shelter, coaching, and support services for youth ages 9-17 who are experiencing an immediate personal or family crisis. The shelter can house up to 10 youth at a time and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Shelter stays are temporary (generally limited to a maximum of 21 days). Extended stays may be available through the Short Term Shelter Program for youth awaiting placement (See Short Term Shelter Program description for more information). Youth, their families, and other caregivers are also eligible to receive free drop-in counseling and/or family counseling services. Call 218-751-4332 to make an appointment or request help with a particular issue or problem.



Crisis Intervention

Evergreen Youth & Family Services has skilled, caring staff on duty 24 hours a day to assess the crisis situation, and help to resolve the conflict and address the issues that may have brought a youth and/or family to the shelter.

Emergency Shelter

The Evergreen Youth & Family Services Shelter provides emergency shelter, food, clothing and personal hygiene supplies to those who stay at the shelter.  The Evergreen Shelter, with the support of the Minn. Dept. of Education, is committed to supporting each child's overall health, school attendance and performance. 

Please view our Wellness Policy


Whenever appropriate, Evergreen Youth & Family Services staff will ensure that youth can continue to attend their regular school during their stay at the Shelter. Youth can also receive tutorial instruction from a school district tutor in the evenings if needed.

Supervised Daily Living

The Evergreen Youth & Family Services Shelter provides supervised structured daily living with an emphasis on social and independent living skills. Youth are taught basic skills such as hygiene, nutrition, and goal setting. In addition, youth are taught social skills such as respect for self and others, decision-making and problem solving. Daily schedules include chores, school, meals, quiet time, free time, activities, group and individual counseling.

Recreational Activities

The youth have an opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational activities that range from team sports, area cultural events, arts and crafts to outdoor field trips to the park, canoeing, swimming, skating and ice fishing. The shelter also provides computers, books, board games, movies, Foosball, pool, and basketball as on-site activities.

Group Discussions

Group discussions focus on family systems, communication skills, sharing, and giving, self-esteem building, anger management, system survival and "What is love?". These issue-oriented groups are based on current problems facing youth.

Individual Coaching

The Shelter provides youth with the opportunities to talk with staff members one-on-one and to learn alternative techniques to self de-escalation, conflict resolution, problem solving, and any other related issue(s) that may be pertinent to an individual youth.

Family Coaching

The Shelter offers crisis coaching to families who are experiencing family crisis or emergencies. When conflicts intensify, when communication breaks down or when situations become too stressful, family counseling facilitates conflict resolution. Families can receive support from Evergreen Youth & Family Services' extensive resource network and often this coaching continues after the youth leaves the shelter. This provides families with another source of support during tough times.

Gang identification training and intervention

If you suspect your child is gang affiliated or "experimenting" with gang involvement, contact the Evergreen Youth & Family Services Shelter. Shelter staff can provide gang identification training to help you determine whether your child is involved. In addition, if your child is gang-affiliated, Shelter staff can help provide intervention services for your family to help your child resist gang involvement or decrease their gang involvement.

Alcohol and Drug education and intervention

If you suspect that your child is involved with alcohol or drugs, the Evergreen Youth & Family Services Shelter can help. Staff can help you access a Rule 25 chemical dependency assessment, provide referrals for treatment services, and help you understand the different requirements of parenting a child who is involved in the drug subculture.

After Care Support

Within 30 days after a youth leaves the Shelter, a follow-up is conducted (to clients living in the area) to see how the youth is doing and to see if there are further services that the Shelter can provide. The Youth is also encouraged to stay in touch with the Shelter if they need support during difficult times.

Youth or Parent Feedback/Concerns/Grievances

If you have a concern about your Shelter stay, please feel free to report your concern to any member of the Evergreen Shelter staff.  If your concern is not resolved, please contact the Evergreen Shelter Program Director.  Gary Russell can be reached at 218-441-4567. 

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