Evergreen Annual Conference


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Conference Materials:

Speaker Handouts:

Youth Toxic Solvent Abuse Curriculum
Presented by Gary Russell, Evergreen Shelter Program

Promoting Independence: Resources & Best Practices for Foster Care Youth
Presented by Kim Lemcke

Understanding Epilepsy to Promote Correct Diagnosis in Childhood and Effective Early Intervention
Presented by Lisa Peterson

Healing the Wound: The Family's Journey Through Chemical Dependency
Presented by Matt Karayan

"Her:" A Personal Story of Borderline Personality Disorder
Presented by Felicia Johnson

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Helping Homeless Students Succeed
Presented by Angie Lauderbaugh & Greg Liedl

Conducting an Ethical Audit of Case Management Documentation Practices
Presented by Rebecca Hoffman

Survivor to Provider: Working with Sexually Exploited Youth
Presented by Monica Miller

Nurturing the Spirit: Beyond Behavior Management
Presented by Amy Donnan

Managing Transitions to Adulthood for Fetal Alcohol Exposed Youth
Presented by Ruth Richardson

Building Positive Relationships with Adolescents: Real Life Strategies
Presented by Randy McKain

Conference Materials:

Speaker Handouts:

Conference Materials:

Speaker Handouts:

The Saphire Brown Story

  • A Youth Anti-Bullying Performance For Saphire's CD, please visit Overbeeks (music store) in Bemidji. Their website is www.overbeeks.com. Their address is 502 Paul Bunyan Dr. SE, Bemidji MN 56601 and their phone number is (218) 751-6291. To schedule Saphire for a presentation at your school or organization, please contact Stacy Brown at the phone or email listed in your conference program.

Bullying Prevention Strategies: Parent & Student Recommendations

From Bi-Polar to Borderline Personality Disorder

Improving LGBTQ Cultural Competence to Support Youth

Working with Fetal Alcohol-Exposed Adolescents: Lessons from the Field

Keeping Youth out of Sex Trafficking

Behavior De-Escalation Skills for Youth Workers

Anishinaabe World View: Improving Cultural Competence

Adolescent Health Round Table: Share Your Vision

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Learning

What's Up with Youth Drug Use Trends in Our Local Area?

Getting Help for Individuals in Crisis: Mobile Crisis Team Scenarios

Ethics in the Electronic Age

The Change Process: Helping Youth Develop Their Full Potential

The Rights of Homeless Students

Conference Materials:

Speaker Handouts:

Jay Jaffee: Synthetic Marijuana, Synthetic Stimulants and Other Lesser Known Drugs of Abuse

Sue Liedl and Brooke Wichmann: Compassionate Communication: Transforming Conflict & Communication. 

Gary Russell:  Empowering Parenting

Cathy Perry:  Bullying Intervention – The Essential Role of Parents and Community Members

Deonne Pansch:  Diagnosing & Treating Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Joanne Mooney & Carole Wilcox:  Understanding Childhood Trauma

Tammy Schotzko & Jenn Anderson:  Organizational Skills to Decrease Stress

Kari Erdman:   Substance Abuse Prevention on a Dime: Resources for Your Community

Matt Karayan, MA, LADC: Healing the Wound: The Family's Journey Through Chemical Dependency

Leanne Jaskowiak: On the Other Side of Hope: One Woman's Story of Overcoming Sexual Abuse by the Clergy

Rebecca Hoffman, MSW/LISW, Ethics in Youth Work

Mary Brooks, M.S.: Suicide 101 & Safety Planning

Gary Russell:  Youth Toxic Solvent & Inhalant Abuse

Rick Moldenhauer: Comfortably Numb: Opioid Use and Mortality in Minnesota Communities

Speaker Handouts:

Power Parenting – Gary Russell

Prescription & Over the Counter Drug Abuse – Jay Jaffe

Group Empowerment Drumming – Tandy Bowman

Behavioral & Environmental Strategies for Fetal Alcohol-Exposed Youth – Jody Allen Crowe

Thriving from the Inside Out – Steve Zvonar

  • Not available as a download. We apologize. Please contact us to request it.

Understanding Attachment & Reactive Attachment Disorder – Doug Lewandowski

Photo Therapy: A Process for Building Insight & Opening Communication – Diane Hovey

Youth Sexual Orientation and the role of Allies – Cathy Perry

On the Other Side of Hope – Leanne Jaskowiak

Sexual Assault Prevention – Kelly Brevig

Compassionate Communication: Transforming Relationships – Brooke Wichmann & Sue Liedl

Conference Materials:

Conference Materials: